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If you cannot find the answer to your question in our frequently asked questions, please email us at support@guidedoutdoors.com and we will be happy to help!

October 2021 : The Journey Began

Frustration, that is what got the idea rolling for Guided Outdoors. Just a group of outdoorsmen looking for a guide out west to hunt waterfowl. Endless hours of searching the web trying to find the right guide, numerous phone calls to those guides to see if they had availability when we could get time off to come, and no way to verify that guides “legitimacy”. We decided to create a marketplace with online booking capability, a client led review system, and the ability to search for guides by category, keywords, available dates, and more!

The flip side to that coin was what are the guides using to stay organized? How do they manage their bookings? How do they keep track of which have paid, and how much have they paid? We set out to find the answer to those questions and more. After some digging, we found that the majority of guides were using pencil & paper with a phone calendar to attempt to stay organized. We knew we could build them something better. That is why our backend system is designed to optimize every facet of the guide’s business. Offer online bookings, automatically keep track of client’s payment statuses, message with client’s within the dashboard, share availability with clients by just sending a link to your profile, and more!

March 2023 : The Launch

After almost 1.5 years, the platform was ready! We wanted to make sure we developed platform that fit the needs of both the client’s and the guides, that is why we took all that time to make sure everything was right! That doesn’t mean we are finished. We are forever evolving, pivoting, and improving our platform for the best user experience possible! We take feedback from our guides to heart, and try to develop the best dashboard to improve their business! We are looking forward to growing this platform, improve everyone’s experience of the outdoors one booking at a time!

Booking Party FAQs
Guided Outdoors is a multisystem platform that provides several services!

On the front end, we are a marketplace for clients to easily search to find the outdoor guides they want to book with! Our platform allow for reviews, online bookings, messaging, and the ability to search based off category, keywords, location, and more!
Booking a trip is super easy! On the home page, go to the search bar. Search by date, location, keywords, category, and number of guests! Sift through the listings and find the one your want to book! Select your dates, guest #, the package (if applicable), and book now! All orders must be paid in full at least 14 days before the trip, or the booking will be cancelled.

Note, some guides has limited availability/tags, so you may have to “Request to Book” their trips. The guides will review the request, and if approved you will be notified via email so you can pay to reserve your dates!
Inside of your dashboard, go to the booking and open it. You will see a Pay Now button to pay the remaining balance.
If you have a specific trip in mind and cannot find a guide on the marketplace, reach out to us via email at support@guidedoutdoors.com . We will do our best to find a guide for you!
Guide FAQs
Guided Outdoors is a multisystem platform that provides several services!

On the front end, we are a marketplace for clients to easily
On the back end, we provide our guides with a full service dashboard to manage their business with! Calendars, marketplace listings, online bookings, email alerts, message feature for clients, revenue tracking, client payment statuses, and more! We also provide top tier service such as website design, logo creation, professional emails, SEO, and more!
Getting signed up with us is easy as well! You can follow the directions here Become a GO Guide. We also talk to every guide over the phone to create a personal connection and complete the guide verification process!
To view calendar, go to your GO dashboard and select calendar. This will show bookings from all of your listings. If you want to view a specific listing’s calendar, please click listings and select the calendar icon for the listing you would like to view.
To enter bookings made outside of Guided Outdoors, go your listings in your dashboard and select the listing the booking was made for. Select the calendar icon next to listing. Click “Block Dates” and make that booking! It will block the slots on the front end as well!

Reminder, by doing this, you will not be able to track the client’s payment status with owner bookings/block dates.
We have a page that lists all of our services! You can view all of those here! Guided Outdoors Services

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