Guided Outdoors Listing Submission Terms and Conditions

By submitting a listing with Guided Outdoors, LLC you agree to the following terms and conditions as well as our website’s default terms and conditions. The listings may not include profanity. The listing photos may not include nudity or any inappropriate actions. Listing photos may include, but are not limited to lodging, group photos, and harvest photos. Listings are reserved only for verified hunting and/or fishing guides/outfitters, by submitting a listing you agree that you are a guide/outfitter taking clients on guided trips. You agree that you will make the best effort possible to provide the clients with the trip described in the listing. If you are unable to provide a booked trip after a booking has been made, you are responsible to cancel the trip, provide the client with a reasoning for cancellation, and refund the client in full, not including service fees less Stripe fees as these will be refunded by Guided Outdoors, LLC. You are responsible for any double bookings created with Guided Outdoors and an outside booking platform, to avoid double bookings you can use Guided Outdoors exclusively or use the embedded ICS calendar sync feature. Violation of these terms can result legal ramifications and banishment from Guided Outdoors, LLC.

Guided Outdoors, LLC has partnered with Stripe for payment processing. Guides/outfitters will create a stripe connect account before submitting a listing, and all of their listings will be linked to that stripe account. Processing times from a creation of a booking to the funds arriving to the bank account associated with the stripe connect account is ~2 weeks. You can access your Stripe connect account at anytime from your Guided Outdoors dashboard.

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