Alberta Whitetail Deer Hunt

Alberta, Canada
Alberta Whitetail Deer Hunt
Alberta Whitetail Deer Hunt
Alberta Whitetail Deer Hunt
Alberta Whitetail Deer Hunt
Alberta Whitetail Deer Hunt
Alberta Whitetail Deer Hunt
Alberta Whitetail Deer Hunt
Deposit: 50%
Licensing (Local Fish and Wildlife): Alberta, Canada-
Lodging Available: Yes
Equipment Rental Available: Yes
Maximum Group Size: 2
Minimum Group Size: 1
Refund/Cancellation Policy:

In the case of cancellation, deposits will be refunded less a 10% service charge if notice is given prior to 120 days of hunt contract start date. Cancellation notices must be in writing. If notice is received within 120 days of contract start date, deposits shall be forfeited. Deposits may be transferred to a mutually agreed upon substitute client.

Our 6-day Whitetail Deer hunts are operated out of one of Alberta’s largest Wildlife Management Units, over 90% of which is Public Lands and prime bush Whitetail country!
These deer are the furthest thing from farm grown and most deer live their lives never seeing a human. We hunt spot and stalk by travelling oilfield and logging road systems in vehicles, ATVs, on foot, and occasionally horseback.
During the rut, bucks can be found travelling on or across the cut-lines, pipelines, logged sections, and roadways. When weather and wind are correct our experienced guides will use calling tactics and prime setup locations to draw bucks into shooting range.
Rattling, grunting, scent lures, tree-stands, and ground blinds may play a key role in the success of your hunt. However, anyone that has hunted Northern Alberta for Whitetails will tell you, you’re just as likely to shoot your dream buck while travelling to and from setup locations.

We will be based out of the nearest town to our hunting locations. Comfortable Motel rooms will be provided and all cooking will be done by your guides in house, using a standard home-style variety of meals. Providing great food and a great camp atmosphere for our hunters is something our Outfit takes very seriously!
Mature Whitetail Bucks in Alberta’s North average 130” to 180” class. Body size of these mature Bucks in the rut can often exceed 300lbs on the hoof.
Each day you will wake up early and enjoy a hot breakfast and coffee before departing for the day. Our guides are well equipped with clean full size pickups, a reliable ATV, and all the gear needed to keep you safe and comfortable.
You can expect about an hour of highway driving to and from hunting locations, that being said, once clear of the highway most of our area can be actively hunted while travelling in or on a vehicle/ATV. (We are knowledgeable about and respect all Alberta Firearms, Wildlife and Hunting regulations. Zero Tolerance Policy.)
At this time of year we have 7- 10 hours of legal hunting light. Some days may be spent covering ground and glassing feeding areas, other days may be spent in stands or blinds using calling techniques.


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